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5 Minutes with Kirby Nesbit

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As a Tasmanian-born brand, Lei Momi Camera Bags is passionate about promoting the incredible photographic talent of our island home to the world. This week we chatted to Launceston-based natural light photographer, Kirby Nesbit, about Myspace selfies, where to turn for inspiration and the importance of social media and self promotion. 

Welcome to the Lei Momi blog, Kirby!

1. Tell us a little about yourself including where you live, where you’ve travelled and how you fell in love with photography: 

I'm 24 years young and I live in Launceston with my wonderful husband James and our gorgeous fur babies. We are still newlyweds and earlier this year we enjoyed a 7-week honeymoon exploring Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & Thailand. It was one of the most amazing experiences, with some of the most amazing colours to photograph! In my spare time I read (a LOT), spend time with friends and also my family - especially my twin brothers who are my best mates. 

I have always loved photography. I dabbled in it at high school and college, but it was not until my hubby (then boyfriend) bought me a Canon 60D for my 21st birthday in 2011 that I really started to pursue it. I started taking photos of friends' children and put them on my personal Facebook page, which then led to more bookings and eventually I started a business Facebook page. Word of mouth (or more social media) quickly spread and suddenly I was booking 2-3 months in advance, 20 sessions a week.

As I progressed, I picked up a few new cameras and lenses for quite a few thousand dollars - eek! I started learning from my mentor Astrid Simone Photography in late 2012 and her teaching has helped me an immeasurable amount - I am forever grateful for her guidance. Now my (not so small) business is widely known around Launceston and Tasmania. I also have people travel from the mainland for sessions and I recently received a booking from a family in Hong Kong. I am now booked 5-6 months in advance, although I now do fewer sessions a week than when I first started. I now focus on quality rather than quantity, which I originally had to do to get my name out there. I absolutely adore my 'job' and I am so lucky to be able to do something I am so passionate about as my career.

2. Photography is: How I view the world. Everywhere I look there is a photo to be snapped!

3. Who or what influences your work most? 

Light and colour influence me most as a natural light photographer. I also follow some incredible photographers on Facebook and they truly inspire me to become a better photographer. 

5. What kind of camera do you use?

I currently own a Canon 5D MK III and a Canon 5D MK II, as well as a Canon 50mm 1.2 L Series Lens and a Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L Series Lens.

6. Lens of choice?

My 50mm 1.2 is my 'go to'. It never leaves my camera. It offers such amazing quality and the images achieved when using this wide aperture are stunning!

7. Which editing software do you use?

Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw

8. Of all the online and print photography resources available, which do you find most valuable?

I have a subscription to Capture Magazine, which showcases some amazing talent. Mostly though, Pinterest is my addiction and I can lose hours trawling through the photography pages on there for ideas and inspiration. There are also many incredibly talented photographers I am lucky enough to call friends and whom I can call upon for advice.

If you could photograph any person, thing, place or event in the world, what would it be?

Ah - good question! I have already been lucky enough to photograph Halong Bay in Vietnam, which is incredible. So I would say Ios, Greece. I am fascinated with the blue water, white houses and stunning sunsets and I have always wanted to capture that myself.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photographs?

Learn everything there is to know about your camera and your lens. Don't just buy a camera, make a Facebook page and expect to become booked out over night (especially without having any idea first)...It takes time! I have worked incredibly hard at this for over two years to get where I am now.

You spend a lot of time behind the camera. How do you feel in front of it?

I actually love it! I am a Selfie Queen from way back in Myspace days (don't hold that against me), but I am rarely in front of it anymore. I am trying to spend more time in front of the camera, even just during behind the scenes shots of my sessions taken by my assistant Todd.

What is the most challenging aspect of running a photography business?

Being able to promote myself has always been my strong point, due in some part to studying Public Relations in college, and also to my incredibly outgoing personality which is a massive advantage. I would say the hardest part is keeping track of the 'business' side of things. For a long time I said 'I don't want to worry about that, I just want to take photos!' But now I realise that they go hand-in-hand, and for me to continue taking photos, I also need to maintain my business insurance, tax, public liability insurance, equipment insurance etc. In the back of my head is a voice still saying, 'Hire someone to do that so you can just take pretty pictures'. Haha!

Connect with Kirby:

Website: www.kirbynesbitphotography.com

Facebook: /kirbynesbitphotographer

Pinterest: /KNPhotographer

Instagram: /kirbynesbitphotography


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