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Shotkit, 2016


lei-momi-bags-women-s-fitness-front-oct-2013.jpg                     lei-momi-bags-on-the-weekend-australia-22-sept-2013-travel-front.png

Women's Fitness, October 2013         The Weekend Australian, September 2013


businesschickslattemay2013.jpg                    the-sunday-mail-queensland-22-sept-2013.png

Latte Magazine, Spring 2013              Escape, Sunday Mail, September 2013

the-sun-herald.jpg                 mum-the-photographer-logo.jpg 

The Sun-Herald, August 2013                Mum the Photographer, April 2013


ald.png                  babyology-grande.png        

A Little Delightful, April 2013                       Babyology, June 2013

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